Wi-Fi & Connectivity

Wi-Fi & Connectivity

There are a number of communication options in Japan, including free Wi-Fi services, SIM cards, and mobile Wi-Fi routers. Free Wi-Fi services are available in limited locations such as airports, hotels, train stations, and large shopping malls, so be sure to prepare another form of communication yourself.

Free Wi-Fi Service

Free Wi-Fi spots have been increasing in Japan in recent years. They are available at major airports, train and subway stations, as well as coffee shops, fast food restaurants, and shopping centers. Some Wi-Fi spots offer multilingual information.
There is also a smartphone app for foreign visitors that requires registration of personal information, but supports multiple languages and allows free access to several Wi-Fi spots.

SIM Cards

While free Wi-Fi spots are definitely on the rise in Japan, the number of places where they are available is still relatively limited. Those who wish to access the Internet with their smartphone should use a SIM card that allows access to the Internet via a network. You can easily use a prepaid SIM card, which can be obtained at airports and electronics retailers, by inserting it into your smartphone and completing the settings. Some models may not be compatible with these SIM cards, so be sure to check in advance. Also please note that in many cases, voice calls are not available.

Mobile Wi-Fi Routers

Mobile Wi-Fi routers are small communication devices that are convenient when you are on the move. In recent years, rental Wi-Fi stores that support other languages have emerged, so even visitors to Japan can rent a Wi-Fi router with peace of mind. These routers can be shared by multiple devices, making them convenient for family trips or when you want to use a computer as well as your phone, etc.

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