The voltage used in Japan is 100 volts AC. Japan has the lowest voltage level in the world, as most countries and regions use 220-240 volts or 110-130 volts. The frequency is 50 Hz in eastern Japan and 60 Hz in western Japan however most equipment is not affected by these differences.


At just 100 volts, Japan has one of the lowest voltages in the world. If you wish to use an electrical appliance from overseas, be sure to check the voltage instructions either labelled on the product itself or in the instruction manual. If 100V is included in the voltage range, such as 100-240V, the appliance can be used. If the voltage range does not include 100V, such as 220-240V, use a step-up transformer, otherwise use of the product as is may result in malfunction.


Power plugs for electrical appliances vary by country and region. There are eight types of power plug shapes: A, B, C, B3, BF, SE, O, and O2. Japan uses the type A plug, which has two vertical pins side by side. Use a conversion adapter if the plug shape of your appliance doesn’t match the power socket.

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