Japan is known as a safe country, however it is not without incident or accident. Although it is uncommon to encounter trouble or misfortune while walking in tourist areas, beware of pickpocketing in downtown areas or on crowded transport, and snatching at night or on deserted streets.

Natural Disasters

In Japan, natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, torrential rains, and heavy snowfalls can occur. Of these, typhoons, torrential rains, and heavy snowfalls can be predicted to some extent in advance, so check the news and weather forecasts frequently.
By contrast, earthquakes are difficult to predict and you never know when or where they will strike. If an earthquake occurs while you are at a hotel, facility, or in a vehicle, do not panic and follow the instructions of the relevant personnel. Also, be sure to familiarize yourself with the hotel’s evacuation route upon check-in.

Sudden Illness

Please refer to the following website if you are not feeling well and need to visit a medical facility. In addition, we recommend taking out insurance in advance, as medical care at a medical facility in Japan may be costly.
■ Japan National Organization

Incidents or Accidents

In Japanese cities and tourist areas, there are small neighborhood police stations, called “koban,” where police officers are stationed. If you lose a personal article, get lost, or encounter any other problems, you can consult with the police officers at the koban. In case of emergency, such as an incident or accident, dial 110 for police and 119 for ambulance.

Foreign Missions in Japan

Please refer to the following websites for information on embassies and consulates in Japan.

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