When calling from Japan to an overseas destination, you can make a direct call from a payphone marked for international calls. Although the number of payphones in Japan has been decreasing in recent years, they can still be found at train stations, airports, hotels, and convenience stores.

International Calls

To make an overseas call from Japan, replace the first “0” in the phone number with a “+” or “010” followed by the country code of the country you wish to call.
010- (country code) – phone number of the destination (if the original phone number begins with an 0, omit it and dial the rest of the number)
Examples of country codes
U.S.A.: 1
Korea: 82
China: 86
Taiwan: 886
Generally, making international calls from a cell phone is costly, so we recommend considering other methods such as IP phones and prepaid cards.
If you are calling from a landline, you will need an international access number, which varies depending on the phone company. If you are calling from a hotel, please speak with the front desk first.


Payphones accept 10 yen coins, 100 yen coins, and telephone cards. Telephone cards are prepaid cards specifically for use with payphones and can be purchased at convenience stores.
To make a call, lift up the receiver, insert a coin or telephone card, and dial the number of the person you wish to call.
In an emergency, payphones can be used without coins or a telephone card.
110: Incidents or accidents
119: Fire or ambulance

SIM Cards

If you use a SIM card that supports voice calls, you can make calls from your smartphone. There are various plans available depending on the usage period and data capacity, so consider the plan that best suits your needs.

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