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Planning to visit Japan as a tourist? There are many fascinating attractions that you must see and enjoy for yourself!
One of Japan’s defining characteristics is its unique culture. Visitors can participate in a variety of cultural experiences, from those that emphasize tradition to simple but integral parts of daily life. Historical attractions are particularly popular among visitors to Japan, both extraordinary and enjoyable. Of course, you shouldn’t miss the spectacular scenery distinctive of Japan, a country surrounded by sea and blessed with nature, with mountains and forests covering approximately 70% of the land.


The Chubu region offers many attractions for experiencing Japanese culture. Here is an introduction to the most popular arts and crafts, gardens, hot springs, festivals, and cultural experiences.


There are many historical attractions in the Chubu region worth a visit. Read on to discover the most popular temples and shrines, World Heritage sites, castles, and historical sites in Japan.


The Chubu region boasts many breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and particular scenery that can only be found in certain seasons. We will introduce some of the most popular locations and experiences, such as places for cherry blossoms or autumn leaves, skiing and snowboarding, beautiful regions, National Parks, beaches on the coast, and top spots for mountaineering and hiking.

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