Fuji / 富士(Shizuoka)

About Fuji

Fuji City, in eastern Shizuoka, is the third largest city in the prefecture. The area abounds in bountiful nature, with World Heritage Site Mt. Fuji in the north and Suruga Bay to the south. Owing to its abundant water resources and nearby lumber supply, the papermaking industry has been active in the area since ancient times, and it is said to be one of the leading “paper towns ” in Japan. In addition to paper manufacturing, a wide range of other businesses, such as the chemical and automobile industries, are thriving in Fuji City, making it one of the leading industrial areas in the prefecture.

After sundown, the illuminated nightscape created by the factories located around Tagonoura Port transforms into a tourist attraction of great beauty .

Getting there and around


From Nagoya
From JR Nagoya Station, take the Tokaido Shinkansen and get off at Shin-Fuji Station.
From Tokyo
From JR Tokyo Station, take the Tokaido Shinkansen and get off at Shin-Fuji Station.

Top Attractions

spectacular spot for viewing the picturesque tea fields and Mt. Fuji simultaneously. For those seeking a shot of the distinctive, manicured tea fields accompanied by the ultimate backdrop of Mt. Fuji (without the vulgar interruption of power lines) this is one of the only places to succeed, thus making it a favorite of both standard media and amateur photographers alike. From the observatory at Iwamotoyama Park you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Izu Peninsula, Suruga Bay, and Mt. Fuji; after dusk it is a famous spot for night views.

Mt. Fuji /富士山(Shizuoka)

Mt. Fuji /富士山(Shizuoka)
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Mt. Fuji, the emblem of Japan, is also its tallest mountain. The majestic 3,776-meter-high mountain with its past of frequent and violent eruptions has long been an object of reverence and faith for m...

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